Memory fades and falls out the window
Heroes die and get buried in time
Six feet of darkness
Six feet till peace
As long as my spirit lives on,
The Memory Remains

So I found my way out
I found how to hide in the night
Where her cold embrace will hold me tight
I hold her hand, into the fright
Snow falls to cover life’s illusion
Night calls, and I utter a response
I scream persistently my thoughts
My mind’s desires.
I hear no response
I await release from this shell,
I scream, I sit, I lie, I cry out of this hell

Where and when will this end?
This won’t end
This can’t end
I just can’t move in this skin…
the eternal subjugation of my soul.
I’ve tried…I just can’t let go.
These damned racing thoughts.
Alone with this pen
What does it mean when everything you strive to be
Crashes and burns like fire to oil.

All of my best creations
Lost to the pages of history
The battle lost; nothing can be gained
A faded memory on a rain soaked page.
I just can’t let this happen,
I subdue these thoughts, as they are not my own
I demand release of these chains,
These possessions
These addictions


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